My Mission

As far back as I can remember I always yearned to write, but it wasn’t until I semi-retired that I began to write in earnest – starting with short stories, some of which won a place in a competition or were short-listed.

Customer reviews

Roller-coaster thriller

Reenie Meadows is destined for heartbreak from the moment she falls passionately in love with a boy her social-climbing mother cannot countenance. The novel follows her through a loveless marriage to a much older man then a disastrous second marriage. Lady Hartley’s Husbands brilliantly depicts the agonies of doomed teenage love, the, ultimately soul-destroying pursuit of wealth and status and eventual self-awareness after a thrilling climax.

The development of Reenie’s character is beautifully portrayed and is complemented by the quietly steadfast sister Lizzie who experiences a spiritual awakening as she contemplates her own mortality.

In Lady Hartley’s Husbands sensitive writing brings the characters alive and goes hand in hand with a roller-coaster thriller where the twists and turns of the plot ensure that the reader will not want to put it down until the very last paragraph.


An excellent read

We found this book extremely readable and utterly absorbing. it begins deceptively quietly and changes into something much darker and deeper as you read. it is beautifully written – the reader is involved with Reenie right from the start, caring about her and wanting things to work out for her. Her sister, Lizzie, is vey different, yet just as compelling. Andrea Emblin has judged the pace so well throughout the book; there is movement even in the quieter scenes and you feel compelled to turn every page.

The real star of this book is, of course, the main character, Reenie, who is so well-drawn. She is flawed, yes, but that is what makes her so real to the reader. We are with her all the way, through all the ups and downs, and desperately want her to have a happy ending. A most enjoyable, uplifting read.

Barbara and Robin Dynes

Escalating pace!

Would be reassuring to think this is a pretty love story but, as the story unfolds, it is anything but.

Love isn’t always to be found where it’s expected and certainly isn’t to be found if you look in all the wrong places. A thoroughly absorbing, well-written story.

Jacqui Furneaux

A Compelling Read

A beautifully writtten story. This novel compels one to keep reading, it decribes very relatable events and emotions. I cried through the last 3 chapters!

Chris K

Impossible to stop reading!!

Such a realistic story and directly related to the lives of so many of us. I really enjoyed reading this book and carried it around to read whenever possible.


Page Turner

I took this book on holiday and it was the perfect read! A slow burner but it quickly becomes unputdownable! Following the ‘adventures’ of Reenie Meadows from a sixteen year old in Cornwall in the 1930s through the twists and turns of her life until the early 70s had me hooked. Beautifully crafted with lovely descriptions of the time period. A very satisfying book in every way.


A good old fashioned descriptive read

The book covered a number of years in a very well written and descriprive manner. It was written in good english without any slang , it was a delight to read. One of the best books I have read in the last few years.

I could not put the book down, I read it in three straight afternoons..


A must read

Lady Hartley’s Husbands is a saga that gets you involved from the very beginning. It’s a real page turner. It’s a modern tale of love and betrayals and it’s difficult not to take sides or like and hate the various characters. The portrayal of these very English people is written with honesty and truthfulness, qualities shown throughout this contemporary tale. Not to be missed. A novel which I greatly enjoyed.

Mrs Elizabeth Bonfanti