My debut novel

Lady Hartley’s Husbands

My debut novel, Lady Hartley’s husbands, is now published by Fantastic Books Publishing, available on Amazon

Reenie Meadows, from humble origins, is ambitious in her search for ultimate happiness, especially after her first failed romance. Moving from Cornwall to London suburbia a year before World War 2 breaks out, her life at seventeen years old changes drastically. With challenges and set-backs, and a controlling mother, Reenie eventually marries Harold Hartley, a successful businessman. A 30 year age-gap seems unimportant when it brings the wealth and status Reenie now desires. Yet . . . she soon realises, despite possessing every material luxury, her goal still hasn’t been reached. Her marriage is soulless. Can a second marriage after Harold’s death, bring that vital missing ingredient? And what are Chris Penselle’s motives when he hears of the new Lady of the Manor’s arrival in his sleepy Cotswold village? A sinister symmetry unfolds as Reenie falls for Chris, seventeen years her junior. This time her mother does not approve

Sydney Cove 1787

Author Andrea Emblin Historical Fiction & short stories

One of my short stories is published in Wight Writers’ anthology, In Black and Wight, and I have also illustrated a children’s poetry book, Word Gymnastics.

Andrea Emblin Cornwall Coastline
Andrea Emblin The Dorset Coastline

Inspiration from the Cornish and New Forest landscapes.


The New Forest

Author Andrea Emblin

Andrea Emblin writing
Andrea Emblin

I am a member of two writing groups and contribute regularly to Wessex Writers’ e-magazine, The Voice. With Wight Writers I join in weekly online meetings, receiving and giving constructive criticism to published writers. My online membership of the Retreat West Community provides me with regular workshops to improve my writing skills.

Cornwall Coastline
Cornwall coastline
Isle of Wight The Needles

The Isle of Wight